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Will The Va Pay For Hearing Aids

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Special Eligibility For Veterans Participating In Vocational Rehabilitation

How Much Do VA Hearing Aids Cost and are you Eligible?

Veterans participating in VAs vocational rehabilitation program may receive VA health care benefits including prosthetics, medical equipment, and supplies.

Limitations on Benefits Available to Veterans outside the U.S: Veterans outside the U.S. are eligible for prosthetics, medical equipment, and supplies only for a service-connected disability or any disability associated with, or found to be aggravating, a service-connected disability.

Can You Get Free Hearing Aids From The Veterans Health Administration

Hearing loss is the most common service-related injury for U.S. veterans.2 If you were in the service and are experiencing hearing loss in your golden years, the Veterans Health Administration, which is part of the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs , may be able to give you free hearing aids, or at least a significant discount on them.

How Does The Va Define Hearing Loss

Hearing loss, deafness, or impairment refers tothe complete or partial inability to hear sounds.

Hearing loss may be slight, moderate, severe orprofound.

Someone that is suffering from slight hearingloss may only have issues understanding speech, particularly when there is alot of noise.

If youre suffering from moderate hearing loss,you may need assistance in the form of hearing aids.

However, if your hearing loss is severe orprofound, you may have an extremely difficult time communicating with otherpeople as you may not be able to discern most noises that you are exposed to.

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The Connection Between Military Service And Hearing Loss

Hearing loss is one of the most common service-connected medical conditions taking second place after tinnitus . This connection between military service and hearing loss can be seen in the following CDC statistics:

  • 79.9% of male veterans have excellent or good hearing compared to 84% of male nonveterans.
  • 23.2% of male veterans have a little or moderate trouble hearing compared to 13.6% of male nonveterans .;
  • 3.9% of male veterans have a lot of hearing difficulty or are deaf compared to 2.4% of male nonveterans.
  • 18% of male veterans between the ages of 18-44 have moderate hearing trouble compared to 5.3% of male nonveterans of the same ages.;
  • Male veterans between the ages of 45-64 and 65-74 also showed an increased likelihood of suffering from moderate hearing trouble compared to male nonveterans.;
  • A found that veterans with combat experience have a 63% increased risk of hearing loss.;

In addition to these figures, the former president of the Association of Veterans Administration Audiologists, Scott C. Forbes, calls hearing injury “the signature injury” among post 9-11 veterans. The tragedy of these statistics is that hearing loss goes hand-in-hand with military service. The light at the end of the tunnel is that some service members with hearing health challenges can qualify for free VA hearing aids.;

Is Tinnitus A Permanent Va Disability

Veterans are entitled to free hearing aids through the VA ...

The VA can conduct a reevaluation to determine if the veterans condition has improved. Typically, these reevaluations occur six months after discharge or two to three years after the VA initially awarded disability. If this happens, youll receive a notice that the VA is reevaluating your disability, and they will conduct another hearing test along with any other required examinations.

If the VA finds that your condition has improved or gone away, your disability rating will be reduced. As always, you have the right to appeal this decision and consult with a VA disability lawyer.

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Can I Appeal Any Decision Vac Makes About My Treatment Benefits

Yes. If you are not satisfied with the decision, you have the right to request a review There are two levels of review.

  • First Level Review The decision letter indicates how to submit a request for a first level review.
  • Final Review The decision letter for your first level review will indicate how to request a final review.

How To File A Va Claim For Hearing Loss

It is vital to do your homework when you start preparing a VA disability claim.

Thankfully, the VA recognizes hearing impairment as a significant issue in the U.S. Armed Forces and usually attempts to work with veterans toward receiving disability benefits.

However, you will still need to follow a complicated process to state your case:

Step 1: Schedule an examination for hearing impairment with a state-licensed audiologist.

Step 2: Make sure that the hearing examination also includes a controlled speech discrimination test and puretone audiometry test. The examinations are conducted without the use of hearing aids.

Step 3: The VA uses Table VI, Numeric Designation of Hearing Impairment Based on Puretone Threshold Average and Speech Discrimination to determine a Roman numeral designation for your level of hearing impairment.

Step 4: The VA determines a percentage evaluation for hearing impairment by combining the Roman numeral designation for each ear based on test results.

Step 5: After hearing loss is determined through the examination, the veteran must link the hearing impairment to a service connection. In certain situations, patients may only be able to prove the hearing impairment is service-connected in only one ear.

Step 6: The VA concludes its medical evaluation and assigns a final VA disability rating. Based on the rating, the veteran may receive special monthly compensation for deafness or another hearing loss disability.

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Hearcom Salutes Our Troops

If you are veteran or an active duty U.S. military personnel, we want to personally thank you for serving our country and protecting our freedoms. You should get top-quality support for your hearing loss. However, we know how difficult it can be at times to get immediate help from the VA. In fact, many of our customers decide to go through because its faster and easier to get hearing aids. Not only do we provide comprehensive support and guidance, we also go out of our way to give you a special veterans discount. In some cases, we can apply a 20% discount on whichever one of our brand-name hearing aids you would like, if you decide not to go through the VA.

This is an exclusive offer ONLY for the outstanding individuals like yourself who courageously defended our nation.

You can call us at your earliest convenience, or simply fill out the questionnaire on this page, and we will reach out to you shortly. There is no obligation when you contact us. We wont ask you to commit to anything or give us any money for your consultation. You will receive FREE, expert advice from one of our experienced hearing specialists.

We look forward to speaking with you soon; and on behalf of, thank you for your service!

Va Ratings For Hearing Loss Ear Loss And Diseases Of The Ear

How to Order VA Hearing Aid Batteries via Phone through DALC

What follows are descriptions of ear-related medical conditions, and their VA rating percentages where applicable. These ratings are subject to change depending on legislation, VA policy, presidential directives, or other factors.

Always consult a VA representative about your condition, the amount of compensation, and any special requirements in order to apply for or receive compensation or VA benefits related to these conditions. You may need to be updated on current policy or pending legislation.

Condition: Chronic suppurative otitis media, mastoiditis, or cholesteatoma in any combination

VA Disability Rating: 10%

Condition: Chronic nonsuppurative otitis media with effusion

VA Disability Rating: Dependent on the amount of hearing loss associated with the condition

VA Disability Rating: Dependent on the amount of hearing loss associated with the condition

Condition: Peripheral vestibular disorders

VA Disability Rating: Based on severity. When this condition causes occasional dizziness, 10%. When the condition causes dizziness and staggering, 30%. The Department of Veterans Affairs instructs its health care professionals, Objective findings supporting the diagnosis of vestibular disequilibrium are required, and a VA disability claim for this condition cannot be assigned until that is accomplished. Hearing impairment or suppuration shall be separately rated and combined, according to the VA official site.

Condition: Menieres syndrome

Condition: Loss of auricle

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Does Medicare Pay For Hearing Aids

The short answer is no but hearing exams might be. If youre covered by original Medicare and you decided to get your hearing checked on your own or buy a hearing aid on your own, you will pay 100 percent of the cost of routine hearing exams and hearing aids.

However, if your physician or healthcare provider orders a diagnostic hearing exam and believes you have a medical condition that requires treatment, Medicare Part B may cover 80 percent of the cost of exams and tests . Unfortunately, hearing aids are not covered under any circumstances.

Can You See A Local Provider

Thanks to the MISSION Act of 2018, veterans now have greater access to hearing care providers in their local community. VA Community Care, as its known, may be available to you if you live too far from a VA clinic, or if there is a long waiting time to get an appointment at the closest VA facility. This welcome kit provides more detailed information.; Increasingly, the VA is also offering teleaudiology;for veterans who can’t travel far.

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Does The Va Cover Hearing Aids

COVID-19 Update:;With social distancing and stay-at-home orders, many seniors are struggling with loneliness and isolation. Weve developed;a list of products;that caregivers or seniors can purchase to help older adults stay happy, healthy and connected, whether they are aging in place at home or in an assisted living community.

The VA covers hearing aids for most people who meet basic eligibility requirements for VA benefits and have demonstrable hearing loss. This is important for many veterans, and their surviving spouses, who are unable to afford hearing devices, which can cost thousands of dollars.

Airborne Hazards And Open Burn Pit Registry

Hearing Center and Ear Disorders  Northern Virginia ENT

Participation in the Airborne Hazards and Open Burn Pit Registry is voluntary and open to any Veteran or active-duty Servicemember who served in one or more of the following locations during eligible timeframes: OEF/OIF/ON: Djibouti, Africa after Sept.11, 2001;, Operations Desert Shield or Desert Storm;, or the Southwest Asia theater of operations after Aug. 2, 1990. The Southwest Asia theater of operations includes Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Gulf of Aden, Gulf of Oman, Oman, Qatar, United Arab Emirates, waters of the Persian Gulf, Arabian Sea, and the Red Sea. Eligible Servicemembers and Veterans can enroll inthe registry by completing a web-based self-assessment questionnaire. Veterans will be asked about deployments, environmental and work-related exposures, health care usage, and current health. Unlike other registries, when Veterans complete the Airborne Hazards and Open Burn Pit Registry self- assessment questionnaire via the internet, they are in the registry.

No in-person medical evaluation is required to become registered. However, Veteran participants are eligible for an optional no-cost medical evaluation from VA. Participants already enrolled in VA health care should contact their primary care provider or Patient Aligned Care Team to schedule anevaluation. Veterans not already enrolled in VA health care should contact an Environmental Health Coordinator at a nearby VA facility by visiting the following link: or calling 1-877-222-8387.

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What Can I Do If My Hearing Loss Claim Is Denied

It is not uncommon to receive a denial letter from the Department of Veterans Affairs .

You should not be discouraged as there are other options for pursuing disability benefits.

For starters, veterans have the right to appeal a VA disability denial.

You will need to file a Notice of Disagreement VA Form 21-0958 with the VA.

Some veterans prefer to hire legal representation to help fight the appeal.

You can learn more about the VA disability appeals process by reading the VAs article on it here.

Tdiu For Hearing Loss

If your service-connected conditions prevent you from working, you may be entitled to total disability based on individual unemployability .; For example, if you need full range of hearing for your job , and your hearing loss impacts your ability to work, you can explain that issue to VA.; It is important to note that you can also have multiple service-connected conditions where hearing loss is only one of them, but the effects of hearing loss can be positive evidence in favor of entitlement to TDIU.

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Home And Community Based Services

IVA offers a variety of community-based non-institutional long-term services and supports these services either directly or by contract with community-based agencies. Home and community based services are expected to be person centered and serve Veterans of all ages. Veterans receiving these services may be subject to a copay.

How To Use Your Vac Healthcare Card

VA Hearing Loss Compensation & Service Connection | What You NEED To Know!

Often, you only need to show your VAC card to the provider of your choice to receive health benefits or services.

The provider may also need to see your prescription from your doctor or health professional and receive pre-authorization from VAC before they can provide the benefit or service to you.

  • Prescription A prescription is valid for one year from the date on it. It confirms you are under the care of a health care professional and details their recommended therapy for your health need. To learn who can provide a prescription, see the section Prescriber Required in that benefits details of the Benefit Grid.
  • Pre-Authorization – To find if pre-authorization is needed, see the section Pre-authorization Required in that benefits details found in the Benefit Grid. Your provider can contact us for pre-authorization. Most services will only need pre-authorization once.

Using a registered provider A registered provider can bill Veterans Affairs Canada directly so you do not need to pay out of pocket. To find registered providers in your area, please contact us or use your Medavie Blue Cross account.

Using any other provider You may have to pay this provider for their services and then seek reimbursement from VAC.

Please note: we may not be able to reimburse the cost of services you purchased prior to having pre-authorization.

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Can I Pay For Hearing Aids With An Fsa Or Hsa Account

Yes, contributions to most Flexible Spending Accounts and all Health Savings Accounts cover hearing aids and hearing aid batteries. An FSA enables you to set aside pre-tax dollars used to pay medical expenses not covered by your insurance plan, but if you dont use your account balance over the year, you forfeit the funds. An FSA is not an option if you are retired since employers offer these plans as a benefit.

An HSA works similar to a savings account allowing you to set aside money on a pre-tax basis to pay for medical expenses such as copays, deductibles, and coinsurance and your account balance rolls over year after year. You use an HSA along with a high-deductible health plan to lower your out-of-pocket costs. defines a high-deductible health plan as any health plan with a deductible of at least $1,350 for an individual or $2,700 for a family. HSA funds usually roll over to the next year.

For further information regarding hearing aids and FSAs and HSAs, see IRS Publication 502 for details on acceptable hearing aid or other medical expense you can pay for using either an FSA or HSA.

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Community Nursing Home Program

VA health care facilities establish contracts with community nursing homes. The purpose of this program is to meet the nursing home needs of Veterans who require long-term nursing home care in their own community close to their families, and who meet the enrollment and eligibility requirements.

Admission Criteria The general criteria for nursing home placement in each of the three programs requires that a resident must be medically stable, i.e. not acutely ill, have sufficient functional deficits to require inpatient nursing home care, and be determined by an appropriate medical provider to need institutional nursing home care. Furthermore, the Veteran must meet the specific eligibility criteria for community living center care or the contract nursing home program and the eligibility criteria for the specific state Veterans home.

How Does Va Rate Hearing Loss

Financial Aid for Hearing Aids and Cochlear Implants

Once service connection is established, VA will assign a disability rating based on severity.; Specifically, VA takes the results of veterans pure tone threshold test and averages it for each ear.; To do so, VA uses a grid chart with different frequencies and lines up the thresholds, using the Numeric Designation of Hearing Impairment Based on Puretone Threshold Average and Speech Discrimination, to determine a Roman numeral designation for hearing impairment based on a combination of the percent of speech discrimination and the puretone threshold average .; The Roman numeral is located at the point where the percentage of speech discrimination and puretone threshold average intersect.

Veterans can find the above-mentioned intersection using the table below.; To do so, veterans should first find the Roman numeral going down the left side for the ear that has greater auditory function.; Next, veterans should locate the Roman numeral of the ear with less auditory functioning, which can be found across the top of the table.; Finally, veterans should locate the rating where the two Roman numerals intersect;; Please note that VA rates both ears together, resulting in only one rating for hearing loss.


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