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How To Pair Oticon Hearing Aids To Iphone

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If You Have An Android Phone

Pairing Oticon hearing aids to an iPhone

Many smartphone-compatible hearing aids work with Android phones. However, not all hearing aid models will work with all Android phones. Check your hearing aid user guide or your manufacturers website for a list of Android phones that will work with your hearing aids. Manufacturers websites:

With most hearing aid models, you will need to purchase a separate phone clip accessory in order to stream phone calls, music, and other audio to your hearing aids. However, even without a Bluetooth accessory, you can still use many of the other smartphone features are available through the app, such as changing volume and switching programs.

How Do You Know What Type Of Hearing Aids You Have

For Oticon hearing aids, the name of the hearing aid should be somewhere along the spine of the hearing aid .

Phonak hearing aids indicate their platform with a letter before the numbers in the name of the hearing aid. For example, a Phonak Sky 70 level Power Rechargeable hearing aid would be Phonak Sky M70 PR or a Phonak Sky Belong 70 level super power hearing aid would be Phonak Sky B70 SP. The name will be on the spine of the hearing aid .

Things to Keep in Mind:

  • Make sure your accessories are fully charged each day to ensure a full day of streaming when eLearning.
  • Hearing aid batteries will drain more quickly while streaming due to the amount of power needed to maintain connectivity.
  • If you are using an accessory to connect to a computer and need to use a microphone for meetings, you will need to make sure the accessory is close to your face or around your neck and the microphone is unobstructed by clothing and hair. You also want to make sure the accessory is not touching any jewelry while using the microphone.

If you have any issues with connectivity or getting in touch with your audiologist, the manufacturers are able to troubleshoot any issue with you. Dont wait, please call the manufacturer of your hearing aids to get assistance!

Oticon Patient Care Hotline: 1-800-526-3921 option 6

Phonak Patient Care Hotline: 1-800-679-4871 or you can use the consumer website.

Set Up Instructions On How To Pair Your Oticon Hearing Aids With Your Iphone

Make sure that Bluetooth is turned on and the Oticon App ON is already downloaded. Your hearing aids need an iPhone 6s or newer to work properly.

  • From the home screen of your phone, go to Settings.
  • Scroll down and select Accessibility.
  • Next select the menu option Hearing aids.
  • Now restart your Oticon hearing aids and place them near your phone.
  • Once the hearing aids can be paired with your phone, you will see the name. tap on the name of the Oticon hearing aids you want to pair and confirm the pairing in the pop-up. When you are using two devices both of them should show up in the menu.
  • Now you need to switch over to the Oticon ON App. Your hearing aids should pair automatically. It is advised to allow the app to access your location. Otherwise the hearing aids will not show up on the map when lost.
  • When the pairing process is complete you will see the three menu items Home, remote control and hearing aids in the lower part of the screen.
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    The Problem Is The Iphone

    There has been a great deal of articles written about the problems that the Apple is having with Bluetooth connectivity on the iPhone 7. Not just with hearing aids but with all types of Bluetooth hardware like Car Radios, Speakers, Headphones etc. The word out there is that it is a software issue and a new update to IOS will sort out the problem. I think we will have to wait and see.;

    Say What : Hearing Aids Iphones And My Apple Watch

    Pairing Oticon OPN Hearing Aids to the iPhone

    Don and I met during college Orientation in late July 1972. He was 18 and I was 17. Don was blind and I was heading in that direction. I have retinitis pigmentosa and had already lost my night vision. Don and I saw advantages to becoming roommates. He would teach me essential future blindness skills and, per his request, I would hide his bottle of Southern Comfort.

    I started my university career with a serious problem. After the sun set, I could not find my way from my dorm in the northeast part of campus, to the dorm located on the southwest corner. This was terrible! The Freshman Girls Dorm was calling to me, and I was stuck. When it was dark, I wasnt going anywhere.

    In desperation, I bought a cheap wooden walking cane, which was way too short and only meant for appearing dapper. I tried to traverse the campus at night and only succeeded in walking with the slow and erratic gait of an inebriated toddler, slipping regularly off the sidewalk and looking very uncool.

    Don was either embarrassed or took pity on me. He gave me my first white cane and tossed in some free mobility lessons. Before long, I was tap, tap, tapping my way to the girls dorm. My cane technique wasnt pretty, and it wasnt elegant, but it worked. My delicate male ego was saved.

    On the off chance that the distorted audio quality of the world might have something to do with me, I visited an ear doctor, who then suggested that I go see an audiologist. At least that is what I think he said.

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    Other Oticon Hearing Aids & Smartphone Compatability

    Below is a list of Oticon hearing aids that are;Made for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch and are also compatible with Android devices.

    Such as:;;Oticon More, Oticon Opn S, Oticon Xceed, Oticon Ruby, Oticon Opn and Oticon Siya.

    A few things to remember:;

    • Oticon Opn hearing aids;need firmware 6.0 or later to run HearingFitness.
    • Oticon More, Siya and Oticon Ruby hearing aids need firmware 1.0 or later.
    • Oticon Opn S hearing aids need firmware 7.0 or later to run HearingFitness.
    • Oticon Xceed hearing aids need firmware 8.0 or later.

    In regards to the RemoteCare app:

    • Oticon Opn hearing aids need firmware 6.0 or later.
    • Oticon Opn S hearing aids need firmware 7.0 or later.
    • Oticon Xceed hearing aids need firmware 8.0 or later.
    • Siya and Oticon Ruby hearing aids need firmware 1.0 or later.

    How To Pair Your Hearing Aids With Your Iphone:

    1. ;;; Re-boot your iPhone

    2. ;;; Take your hearing aids out of your ears and open the battery doors

    3. ;;;Go to Settings on your iPhone

    4. ;;;Go to General

    6. ;;;Go to Hearing Aids

    7. ;;;Close your battery doors

    8. ;;;Your name and the hearing aids will pop up under devices

    9. ;;;If you wear 2 hearing aids you will see L + R

    10. ;;;If you only wear 1 you will see either L or R depending on which side you wear your aid

    11. ;;;Click on the box with your aids labeled

    12. ;;;You will then get a pop up box to PAIR your aids with your phone click PAIR

    13. ;;;If you wear 2 aids this box will pop up 2 times and you have to hit PAIR a second time.;

    14. ;; Your aids are now paired with your iPhone. ;Enjoy!

    Hearing aids available with direct-to-iPhone Bluetooth capability include Oticon Opn, Resound Linx, Starkey Halo, and Widex Beyond. ;Coming soon– Phonak Direct which will have direct to iPhone and Android phone Bluetooth connectivity. ;All these and more available at The Center for Audiology-Houston, and The Center for Audiology-Pearland. ;Call today at 713-255-0035 to schedule a free demo and 2 week trial of made-for-iPhone hearing aids!

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    More Great Hearing Aids That Don’t Work With The Iphone

    So it seems we have another fantastic hearing aid platform that just will not work well with the iPhone. There are numerous discussions across the web all detailing similar issues and problems. The real key here is that the Oticon Opn is a really outstanding hearing aid. The feedback from users and professionals alike is that the devices are outstanding.;In fact when you look at all of the negative reviews, very few talk about any problems with hearing well. All of the issues are with the connection to the iPhone and many of the issues appear to be problems with the iPhone 7.;

    The Equalizer Does Not Work

    How to Bluetooth Pair Oticon Hearing Aids to Apple iPhone

    The equalizer does only work when you stream the sound from the your phone or the Oticon TV adapter to your hearing aids. Therefore the hearing aids need to be set in the streamin program. You can switch the programs in the remote control setting by swiping to the left and right in the upper thiord of the screen. Normal environmental sounds can not be influenced with the equalizer.

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    Lets Look At The Differences Between Compilot Ii And Compilot Air Ii:

    • ComPilot II needs to be worn around the neck, with the neckloop, in order to connect to the hearing aids. The ComPilot Air II will only need to be worn near the hearing aids and has a clip on the backside. The ComPilot Air II may be worn near the waist, but if connectivity is not stable, then you should try moving it closer to the hearing aids, possibly wearing it around the neck.
    • ComPilot Air II does not have an Aux input port like the ComPilot II, so its only able to stream audio from Bluetooth capable devices.
    • Unfortunately, the ComPilot Air II does not have a Europlug, which would allow for direct audio input to connect to an FM/DM system.

    To Connect the ComPilot Air II to your computer:

  • Open your Bluetooth settings on your computer. You can usually search for Bluetooth settings in your search engine or click on the Bluetooth icon and select Bluetooth settings or Bluetooth preferences.
  • Make sure the Bluetooth is on and put the computer into search mode, or select an Add device option.
  • Make sure ComPilot Air II is powered off.
  • Put ComPilot Air II into pairing mode by holding the button first then powering on ComPilot Air II while holding the button until the indicator light is rapidly blinking blue.
  • Once the ComPilot Air II is in pairing mode and rapidly blinking blue, the ComPilot Air II will appear in the devices options of the Bluetooth settings on your computer.
  • Once paired to the computer, the ComPilot II LED will be slowly blinking blue.
  • How To Pair Hearing Aids With Your Iphone

    Hearing aids have become highly sophisticated devices. You can now connect;hearing aids;to an iPhone directly. They can now be transformed into wireless headsets that you can use to listen to your favorite music or even receive calls;directly to your ears.;Your iPhone can even transform into a remote control for your hearing aids, enabling you to adjust features via apps on your Apple device.

    To take advantage of this;hearing aid technology, follow these steps to pair your hearing aids to your iPhone. Check the instruction manual or consult your hearing healthcare professional to ensure your hearing aids and iPhone are compatible.

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    Venture And Belong Phonak Hearing Aids

    For Venture and Belong Platforms you will need to use an intermediary device called the Phonak ComPilot II or Phonak ComPilot Air II.;

    The ComPilot will allow you to connect to any Bluetooth device. In order to use the ComPilot, it will first need to be configured by your audiologist.;

    Note: You do not need to be seen in the office for ComPilot configuration but the ComPilot will first need to be programmed at the audiology office.;

    How To Connect Hearing Aids And Use Audio Accessibility On Iphone And Ipad

    Literature & Video Download Center

    You can pair your hearing aid to your iPhone and iPad to make sure you don’t miss any of the sounds or audio. You can also enable subtitles, switch the music to mono, and more. All because accessibility remains incredibly important to Appleand its customers.

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    Control Your Mfi Hearing Device

    You can use your;Apple device to select environment presets;adjust the volume,;turn on Live Listen, and more. To control your hearing device, use Settings or the Accessibility Shortcut.

    Set preferences for features that you control with your;Apple device by going;to Settings > Accessibility > Hearing Devices. Then tap;Hearing;Devices.

    Play RingtonesYou can play ringtones through connected hearing devices.

    Audio RoutingChoose the default device for audio playback.

    Control Nearby DevicesUse your Apple device to adjust the settings of hearing devices that are on the same WiFi network and connected to your iCloud account.

    Audio HandoffContinue listening to media through your hearing device when you switch between your Apple devices. For example, if your hearing device is connected to your iPhone but you start watching a movie on your iPad, the hearing device automatically switches to the iPad.

    Control on Lock ScreenQuickly make preset and volume adjustments on your hearing device right from the Lock Screen with the Accessibility Shortcut or Control Center hearing button.

    You can also;tap your hearing device’s name;in Settings;to:

    • View connection status
    • Adjust volume levels for either or both hearing devices
    • Choose an audio preset

    Other Apps You Can Try

    In addition to apps designed specifically for hearing aids, there are many other apps that can enhance your hearing experience. Here are a few you can try:

    • Clear Captions: automatically creates captions for your phone calls
    • Tunity: audio from any live TV program without an intermediary device
    • Sound Alert: alerts you to sounds like the doorbell, smoke alarms, etc. that you might not hear

    Read our review of these apps to learn more! *Depending on your hearing aid and phone model, you may need to purchase a separate Bluetooth phone clip accessory to be able to use these functions. Phone clip accessories may be purchased through your provider.

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    Streaming With Your Fm/dm System:

    If you dont have a hearing aid accessory for your hearing aids such as a Streamer Pro or ComPilot II, then you can also stream audio with your FM/DM system! Each FM/DM System Transmitter will have an Aux input port. Once connected with the hearing aids, the Aux cord can be plugged into the computer or audio device, and the other end of the Aux cord will plug into the FM/DM System Transmitter. If you dont have an Aux cord, this one will work great: Aux Cord from Target

    Hear Indiana has an Assistive Technology Loaner Bank to allow families to trial an FM/DM system for up to 6 weeks at no charge. To learn more or inquire about a loaner system, .

    What To Do If Your Made For Iphone Hearing Aids Wont Pair With Your Iphone

    Pairing your iPhone to an Oticon Opn hearing aid

    If you are having difficulty successfully paring your devices, try these troubleshooting steps.

    Make Sure Your Software Is Up to Date

    Step 1: Go to your Settings from the home screen.Step 2: Scroll down and tap General.Step 3: Select Software Update. Any available updates will appear on this screen.

    Check for software updates

    Check Connectivity

    Step 1: Put your phone screen to sleep by tapping the button on the right side or top of your phone, depending on the model.Step 2: After five seconds, tap the button again.Step 3: Open the control center by either swiping down from the top right corner of the screen or swiping up from the bottom of the screen .Step 4: If your device is connected, you will see the name next to AirDrop.

    Step 5: If you do not see your device name here, try going to Settings and tap Bluetooth. Wait on this screen for a few seconds. Then check the control center again.

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    Oticon Opn More Made For Iphone Problems

    In my last article I discussed the Widex Beyond and the problems it is having with the iPhone. In this one, we will take a look at the Oticon Opn, which is having similar difficulties. In fact the online forums and in particular the Apple community forum is abuzz with the issue. As with the Widex Beyond, the problem isn’t really the hearing aids, it’s the iPhone. Which is a shame, this is another case of a fantastic set of hearing aids being let down by a separate technology, just like the Widex Beyond. ;

    About a month ago we became aware of;a lot of issues around Made For iPhone hearing aids and connectivity to the iPhone. We have been researching the issues ever since. The issues reported with the Oticon Opn are similar in nature to the issues reported with the Widex Beyond. All of the problems seem to be related to the Bluetooth pairing of the hearing aids to the iPhone. During transmission of audio from the iPhone, it appears that the audio signal is dropped constantly by one aid or, it seems that the signal may jump from one ear to the other for no apparent reason.;

    However, Scott said that he had found a workaround and it seemed fine for him:

    I’ve found that re booting my iPhone 7plus, then opening the battery compartments on my Opn MiniRites results in a good connection. I just paired my iPad mini2 to the MiniRites last evening following the same procedure. I use the Oticon Opn app on the phone and the iPad.

    Hearing Aids Bluetooth Iphone

    There is a huge difference between Made for iPhone hearing aids and Made for Android hearing aids, as Made for iPhone hearing aids are created and developed to work seamlessly alongside Apple’s unique operating system.; They directly connect to Apple phones and other devices without a streamer or intermediary device.; Giving you quality audio from electrical devices straight into your hearing aids and both ears.

    Not got an iPhone?; Here are some quick links to other Bluetooth hearing aids:

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