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Where Do You Donate Hearing Aids

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Where Can I Donate Used Hearing Aids

How to Choose the Best Hearing Aid For You

Once a person is finished with his or her hearing aids, such as when the units need to be replaced or upgraded, the used hearing aids can be donated in any number of ways. Many charities and service organizations accept donations of hearing aids. It is generally better to donate old hearing aids than to throw them away.

There are a number of hearing service organizations to which you can donate used hearing aids. Often, these organizations can refurbish hearing aids and their parts. Hearing aid parts can be costly, so this is a way that people on limited incomes can gain access to working hearing aids.

Hearing aids can be donated to many charities. In the US, there are several non-profit organizations like the Lions Club National, The Knights of Columbus, or Hear Now. These and many other non-profit organizations accept used hearing aids and hearing aid parts, which are then refurbished and donated to military veterans, the elderly, and disabled children who may need them in order to restore hearing.

Donating Old Hearing Aids Eyeglasses And Mobility Equipment

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Dear Savvy Senior,

Where are some good places to donate old hearing aids, eyeglasses and mobility equipment? My uncle passed away a few months ago and left behind a bunch of useful aids that could surely help someone else.

Searching Nephew

Dear Searching,

Donating old, unused assistive living aids and/or medical equipment is a great way to help those in need who cant afford it, and in most cases its tax deductible too. Here are some good places to check into.

What To Do With Old Hearing Aids

While many people may consider selling their used hearing aids an option, it may be too difficult. If your hearing aids are prescription-based, theyre custom-made for you. That means they fit your ears, and theyre programmed for your specific condition.

Instead of letting them sit in your home unused, donating can be much more effective for someone who needs them. Typically, when you donate old hearing aids, they are refurbished, repaired if need be, and distributed to sellers, nonprofits, or those in need.

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Can Hearing Aids Be Reused After A Death

Hearing aids can absolutely be reused after death and, if at all possible, should be. If youre in the market for hearing aids but cant afford new ones, you can buy used ones from established companies. Its also common for family members to give hearing aids to other friends or family who need them.

Why Its Important To Donate A Used Hearing Aid

Hearing Aids

First, here are some important statistics about hearing loss and hearing aids in the United States:

  • About 38.2 million Americans, or 14% of the total population, suffers from hearing loss
  • 91% of American adults suffering from hearing loss are over the age of 50
  • 15% of school-age children suffer from some form of hearing loss
  • Nearly 29 million adults with hearing loss can benefit from hearing aids, but
  • only 16% of them actually use hearing aids
  • The average age for first-time hearing aid users is 70, but again
  • Fewer than 30% of those over 70 who need hearing aids have ever used them

This is very worrisome. Because untreated hearing loss has been associated with multiple health issues from an increased risk in falls to cognitive decline and depression.

And the final compelling fact is that hearing loss can cost the average family $12,000 in income each year. But hearing aids can actually mitigate that cost by up to 50%.

For a family that loses out on $12,000 each year, it may just not be possible for them to afford a hearing aid.

Your old hearing aid can make a huge impact, in the health, quality of life and financial well-being, for a person in need who could not otherwise afford a hearing aid. It could also help a child in school who has difficulty hearing, which could affect their ability to get into higher education and make a livable wage when theyre older.

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Fees Warranties And Batteries

The fees charged by audioprothetists and recognized aid facilities are covered by the program when you purchase or replace a hearing aid or when you have it repaired. You have nothing to pay for these services when you are registered for the program. Nevertheless, you are responsible for the maintenance costs of your hearing aid, for instance, to have it cleaned and checked.

The warranty is valid for at least 1 year for a hearing aid. Audioprosthetists and recognized aid facilities can provide you with further information in this regard.

Batteries are covered when you purchase or replace a hearing aid. However, thereafter, you are responsible for the cost of replacement batteries.

Where To Donate Used Hearing Aids

Just like many companies will take your old cell phones, laptops, batteries, and more, many places will take your used hearing aids. Rather than letting your hearing aids sit in your home unused, donating them will put them to good use.

Whats more, if youre interested, donating used hearing aids is typically tax-deductible as well. So, while youre doing a good deed by allowing your hearing aids to be recycled, you may also benefit. But, of course, once youve decided to donate your used hearing aids, you have to figure out where to do so.

Many nonprofits exist around the United States and beyond that accept seemingly all styles of used hearing aids. You can have behind-the-ear, in-the-ear, or other models all put to good use. Already mentioned,

Lions Club Hearing Aid Recycling is a popular nonprofit that accepts hearing aids and redistributes them in a meaningful way. The Hearing Aid Project is another nonprofit that welcomes used hearing aids.

The group recycles, repairs, and modifies used hearing aids to be fit for new users. In addition, it works to provide hearing aids to those in need who otherwise wouldnt be able to afford hearing aids.

The Starkey Hearing Foundation is another popular organization that accepts used hearing aids donations. Reports have stated that the organization collects 60,000 used hearing aids per year. The group uses those hearing aids to support people who are in desperate need of hearing assistance.

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Is There Any Value In Used Hearing Aids

by Hearing Wellness Center | Feb 5, 2020 | Hearing Loss Articles

How can you recycle used hearing aids? The answer is definitely the same whether you decide to upgrade to a more sophisticated model such as cochlear implants or you got them from a deceased family member: your used hearing aids should be donated instead of throwing them away.

There are a lot of people dealing with hearing loss who would benefit from donated hearing aid, and several organizations out there that acquire and distribute those hearing aids to the individuals in need. Keep reading to discover how and why to donate pre-owned hearing aids.

Donate Old Hearing Aids And Give The Gift Of Hearing

The 6 Ways You Can Save Money on Hearing Aids – Applied Hearing Solutions

As we begin a new year, we often think of ways we can better ourselves. Whether it be from becoming healthier, getting our finances in order, or starting a new hobby, this is a time when we create resolutions. As 2020 was a difficult year, many people may be looking for ways to also better their community. One of the ways to help is by donating your used hearing aids! Hearing impairment and deafness not only cause social isolation and depression, but can result in learning difficulties in children and decreased employment opportunities for adults. The challenge of communication during the pandemic has increased due to social distancing and wearing masks. Hearing aids and the related services have become limited to many due to COVID-19 restrictions and financial hardship.

Many service organizations have programs that accept donations of hearing aids and work with local hearing care professionals to provide them to those in need. Some of the organizations include The Lions Club, Sertoma, Hearing Charities of America, your local university, or speech and hearing clinics. The donated hearing aids are repaired, including a complete cleaning, and any defective parts are replaced. The hearing aids are then re-programmed for the hearing loss of the recipient by the local hearing professional.

If you have hearing aids that you are no longer wearing, please consider donating them and give the gift of hearing. Hearing is essential and your donation can change a life.

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Why You Should Consider Donating Your Pre

First, here are some significant stats about hearing loss and hearing aids in the United States:

  • Of the total populace, around 14% have some kind of hearing loss
  • Of all of the adults who have loss of hearing 91% percent are over 50 years old
  • 15% of school-age children suffer from some form of hearing loss
  • Almost 29 million adults with hearing loss can benefit from hearing aids, but
  • only 16% of them actually make use of hearing aids
  • First time hearing aid users have an average age of 70, but again
  • Of those over 70 who require hearing aids, fewer than 30% percent have ever had them

This is extremely troubling. Because health problems like mental decline, increased risk of falling, and depression have been linked to untreated hearing loss. The importance of your hearing to your general health is backed up by new research coming out all of the time. Getting hearing aids can lessen these health issues .

And hearing loss will cost the typical family up to $12,000 each year which should be a very persuasive fact. But that expense can actually be decreased by up to 50% with hearing aids.

For a family that loses out on $12,000 each year, it may simply not be possible for them to pay for a hearing aid.

Eyeglasses And Hearing Aids Recycling

Since 1925, Lions International has been a champion in helping combat vision impairment and blindness. With this same conviction, Lions have also been a force in providing medical care and education to help prevent hearing loss. Below, you’ll find information on how to donate eyeglasses and hearing aids, as well as information on how to receive them if you are in need.

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Participation In The Donor Program

  • It is the donors responsibility to determine the value of the donation. The tax benefit is only available for those donors who itemize deductions on their tax returns. Those who take the standard deduction receive no additional tax benefit. Only contributions made during the previous tax year are eligible for tax benefits.The tax law allows a deduction for the fair market value of the donation. The IRS reminds donors to maintain records of their donation to substantiate the value of their gift.Taxpayers can find assistance regarding the donations they make in Publication 526, Charitable contributions. A second reference, publication 561, Determining the Value of Donated Property, answers many questions that donors may have when they make non-cash contributions. Both publications are available at the IRS website,, or by calling 1-800-TAX-FORM . To help you determine the value of your donation, you can use a five year, straight line depreciation .

    Divide the original cost by 5 to determine yearly depreciation.

    Multiply the yearly depreciation by the age of the aids.

    Subtract the figure from the original cost to determine the remaining value.

    All donations for a tax year must be postmarked no later than December 31st to receive tax benefits for the next filing.

  • Print out the HELP AMERICA HEAR donation form and complete it.
  • Place the hearing aid/s in a padded box or padded envelope for shipping. Include the completed form from step 2
  • Give To A Friend Or Family Member

    Hearing Aid Styles

    Giving hearing aids to a friend or family member may seem like a straightforward optionyou have a friend or family member who needs a hearing aid or wants to upgrade. But hearing aids are not like a piece of clothing or shoes. The fit and programming are specific to the original owner. And so is the warranty, which will void that warranty if another person uses them.

    However, if your loved one has died and a family member is in need, it is worth trying to see if the used hearing aid might fit. If it does, then the next step is to go to an audiologist or other trained hearing specialist to program the aids to the individuals hearing loss specifications. Without this step, the person you gave the hearing aids to could become frustrated and abandon the idea.

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    Give The Gift Of Hearing

    We are a proud donation location for any and all used hearing aids. Donated hearing aids will be sent to an amazing group, The Starkey Hearing Foundation, that refurbishes the hearing aids and fits them to hearing impaired individuals around the world who would not otherwise have access hearing aids.

    Help this amazing foundation with their mission So the World May Hear reach their goal to fit 1 MILLION people this decade by donating yours or a family members old hearing aids. Bring the hearing aids to our office and we will donate for you! Upon donation you will receive a brochure explaining the foundation. This donation can also be used as a tax deduction.

    Regulations For Used Hearing Aids

    There are conditions for buying and selling refurbished hearing aids, due to federal regulations. Those include the following:

    • Used or rebuilt hearing aids are required to have packaging and identification that the aid is not new.
    • The person buying the hearing aids must have a medical evaluation from a doctor. They must complete the evaluation within six months before the sale.
    • If youre buying used hearing aids from someone other than an authorized dealer, you do not have to show proof of the evaluation, but it is strongly recommended. The risk of purchasing a hearing aid online or through an individual without an assessment is that you have no recourse if the hearing aid does not suit your needs. Some individuals will require a signed waiver if they dont get an evaluation, but others do not.

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    Will The Hearing Aid Market Soon Be Revolutionized

    If the earplugs of Claras hearing aids could convert the deformations of her ear canal into electrical energy, Clara would be able to go about daily life without worrying about recharging her devices. She would know that in case of a power failure, all she has to do is chew gum or hum her favourite song.

    This technology could also help reduce the cost of hearing aids, which would be of particular benefit to the 200,000 Canadians with hearing loss who do not use hearing aids because of their high cost.

    Whats more, this technology could be extended to all technologies that are worn near or inside the ear, such as wireless headphones or earpieces, digital hearing protectors, in-ear sensors or augmented reality glasses. It doesnt cost anything to dream!

    This article was originally published in French

    How To Donate Hearing Aids

    Keeping Your Hearing Aids Dry

    Donating hearing aids is one of the best ways to help someone in need of proper hearing. There are many ways you can donate hearing aids. One of the most popular methods of donating hearing aids is through service organizations. These non-profit organizations collect not only hearing aids but eyeglasses as well. Some of the leading organizations are Lions Club hearing aids, Rotary Club hearing aids, and Sertoma. For instance, HARP helps Lions Club to provide refurbished, affordable, used hearing aids to those in need. HARP is one of the most prominent hearing aid assistance programs that operate all around the world.

    If you have bought a new pair of hearing aids, you can give your old pair to these hearing aid grants where they refurbish, clean, and pack them to distribute among the needy. Moreover, if you want to donate the hearing aids separately to someone who needs them, you should be careful to clean, refurbish, and recycle them properly, before donating. If you donate them to a service organization such as Lions Club or Rotary Club, they do the job for you and donate hearing aids to those that best suit the equipment.

    What to do with old hearing aids

    Recycling hearing aids

    How to make the donation?

    Points to note when wearing a donated pair of hearing

    Final thoughts: Donate hearing aids to help someone who is in need

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    Lions Hearing Aid Bank

    HearU NebraskaHearU Nebraska, formerly the Nebraska Children’s Hearing Aid Bank, provides hearing aids to children ages 0-18 with priority to newly identified children ages 0-3 years of age. Information on HearU for parents, audiologists, and applications to apply, can be found here.

    The Lions Hearing Aid Bank is provided to Nebraska residents only. Lions Hearing Aid Bank provides refurbished monaural or binaural BTE hearing aids to individuals 19-64 of age. The bank provides used hearing aids to adult Nebraska residents who demonstrate financial need. The Lions Hearing Aid Bank is operated jointly by three organizations: the Nebraska Lions Foundation , Barkley Memorial Center of the University of Nebraska Lincoln, and the Nebraska Commission for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing . The Lions seek donations of aids and funds, nominate prospective hearing aid recipients and help explain the bank service to the public, Barkley Memorial Center receives donated hearing aids, analyzes them to ensure that they function correctly, and catalogs the aids by their sound characteristics, NCDHH receives and processes applications for hearing aids.

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