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How Do You Measure A Hearing Aid Dome

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Hearing Aid Dome Sizes

Real Ear Measurement Demo

Typically, the audiologist fitting the hearing aids will select the correct size of dome to ensure it fits properly. The dome should be fractionally larger than the ear canal so that it forms a reasonably secure seal, but it shouldnt exert additional pressure on the skin of the ear canal itself. A perfectly fitting dome makes a light rustling noise when being inserted or taken out, and there should be a little bit of resistance.

For open domes, there should be no additional pressure inside the ear. With closed domes or power domes, there may be some additional light pressure that can easily be resolved by swallowing.

Why Accurately Measuring Your Hearing Aid Is Important

Accurate measurements are vital whenever you select a hearing aid dome. That is because it will help determine your comfort in the long run. Accurate measurements ensure that you get a device that comfortably fits your ear. This way, it will stay in place regardless of your activities or tasks.

Remember, a large hearing aid dome might not fit your ear canal, meaning it will not work accordingly. On the other hand, a significantly small one will fall off much sooner, especially when engaging in any physical activity. Neither big nor small hearing aid domes will offer you the hearing care support you need.

Understanding how to measure the dome should be a priority. The following insights will help in this process.

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How To Clean A Receiver

While you shouldnt clean the dome of most hearing aid styles, you can clean the dome of a RIC style hearing aid. If you have a RIC style hearing aid, you can use the following steps to clean the device:

  • Get started by gently brushing your hearing aid to get rid of debris.
  • Using your thumbs, gently massage the dome tip to will push out any stubborn material.
  • Finally, wipe the hearing aid with a soft, clean cloth.
  • You should, however, replace the dome when it becomes misshapen or worn. You should also replace the dome in the event there is blockage or buildup that cant be removed. Make sure you never use chemical wipes, alcohol, or water to clean your RIC hearing aid.

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    Pros And Cons Of Hearing Aids With Domes

    July 29, 2019 By Hearing Associates of Las Vegas

    There are many little features built into hearing aids that can make living with hearing loss easier, from the microprocessor that filters sound to the tiny telecoil that allows you to tune into loop systems. One feature, in particular, that affects the design of your hearing aids, the way they fit, and how things sound is hearing aid domes.

    Hearing Aid Brand Reviews

    Phonak &  Unitron Domes

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    Ask For Optional Accessories

    Different types of hearing aids come with different accessories.

    RIC hearing aids require a tip, which is either a custom earmold or an instant-fit-dome. Both cover the receiver and anchor it in the ear canal. Domes come in different shapes and sizes. Your hearing care professional will choose one that fits your ear and your hearing loss, but you can ask to try out different sizes and types of domes. If you cant get used to the sound of your own voice , for example, you could switch from a closed-fit hearing aid to an open-fit hearing aid.

    Widex hearing aid carrying case and charger , Signia 2-in-1 charging and carrying case , and Oticon charging station .

    You can also get a hearing aid tube for RICs and BTEs. The tube extends from behind the receiver and folds into the outer ear. It provides additional support, in case the main hearing aid unit drops out while you take off your glasses or your mask.

    Use A Feedback Test Afterwards:

    A feedback test after you have modified the dome is needed, to ensure that no feedback escapes this type of mould. If feedback is being lost you can tell by the reduced sound quality attributed to it. The correct width of dome is then required to ensure it is anchored securely in the ear, but not so tight as to leave the ear sore. If you are experiencing ear pain in this manner consult your audiologist immediately.

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    Help A Dome Is Stuck In My Ear: What Should I Do

    You take your hearing aid out of your ear and see that the dome has not come out of the ear. Panic! Looking around quickly to see if the dome may have fallen to the ground is of no avail. You know for sure it is left in my ear! You can read in this blog what to do in such a situation and the consequences of a remaining dome.

    What to do?

    First do not worry! In principle, if there is a dome in your ear, that is not serious. It is important to have the dome removed. You can have this done by your doctor or ENT specialist, who can remove the dome with the right instruments without causing damage to your ear canal. Unfortunately, hearing care professionals are not authorized to remove objects from the ear. This should really be done by a general practitioner or ENT specialist! Do not try to root in your ear or remove the dome with an object this can damage your ear canal!

    Also, stop wearing the device until the dome is removed from the ear. Otherwise, there is a chance that the dome will be pushed deeper into the ear canal, making removal of the dome more difficult.

    What will it look like if my dome is off?

    What are the consequences?

    • Pain in the ear
    • Impaired hearing or even deafness
    • Itching in the ear

    In case of severe inflammation, permanent damage can even occur to the eardrum. You should therefore also see a doctor or ENT specialist if pain in or to the ear persists.

    Hearing Aid Domes Cons

    Open and Closed Hearing Aid Domes: What’s the Difference?
    • Need to be replaced regularly Generally, hearing aid domes need to be replaced every 2-3 months, as they are susceptible to moisture and water damage.
    • Can be difficult to handle For those who have issues with dexterity, the small size of the hearing aid domes can be troublesome, especially when it comes to cleaning them.
    • Dome can become stuck If you are in a hurry and tug too sharply on your hearing aid tubing to remove your hearing aid dome, it can disconnect from the tubing and become stuck. Once the hearing aid dome has become lodged in your ear, you may need the help of our specialists to get it out.

    If you would like personalized help in figuring out what hearing aids are right for your level of hearing loss and your lifestyle needs, then you should get in contact with us here at Hearing Associates of Las Vegas.

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    Do Dome Sizes Really Matter

    Users of RIC or RITE hearing aids most commonly use silicone domes to direct the amplified sounds into their ear canals. Many different dome sizes and styles are available for each model of RIC/RITE hearing aids. Each style provides different sound qualities and amplification levels. Hearing health care specialists select the dome type based on hearing test results to suit the clients needs. Most importantly, hearing aids are programmed specifically to hearing loss requirements with the selected dome type in mind.

    Finding The Correct Fitting Domes

    I am having a hell of a time finding the proper size for my ears. I have tried Tulip and double dome type. I find the Tulip to be a more comfortable fit, but more feedback in my right ear. The double dome create a suction when inserted into my ears causing pain, but little feedback. As of yesterday I am back using the tulip and the left ear is fine, but the right ear feels like it is creeping out of the canal. I might be just very sensitive to the slight movement, and it really isnt coming out. I constantly put my finger into my ear to check, and it is becoming a habit which I have to break myself of.

    I no longer have the itching ears as I started using Miracell Pro-Ear.

    My open domes fit just inside my ear canal, where the opening is a bit larger than when they are about 1/2″ in further in.

    If I try to push my open dome in too far, it wants to work its way out. So, the receiver seems to work best when it is just about visible outside my canal . Also, with mine, there is a tiny plastic loop wire that goes in the large curve of the ear to help hold the receiver in place. I know I have the receiver in too far if that loop wire wants to stick straight out.

    Hope this helps!

    The tubes play a big part on fit too. They come in a variety of lengths from the top of the ear to the ear opening as well as length going into ear. If the tubes are wrong it will be a problem getting the domes to stay where they belong, even if the domes are correct for you.

    Good luck




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    Physical Cues During Hearing Aid Ear Bud Fitting

    Hearing aid ear buds that are too small may cause a type of whistle that becomes audible to the user. This is because hearing aids that fit loosely can cause excess noise to be transmitted from the receiver, which then comes into contact with the microphone input and triggers a feedback loop.

    One of the most obvious signs that your hearing aid ear buds are too big is that they cause physical discomfort in addition to lowered sound quality. A plausible exception to this rule concerns individuals who are wearing hearing aids for the first time, in which case the pain will be present for the first couple of days and eventually subside.

    Not only can an ill-fitting ear bud be harmful to the ear, it can also discourage the hearing aid wearer from using a hearing aid, despite it being a necessity.

    Many ear buds have a duration of only a few months. Although you may have chosen the right fitting, it is also necessary to replace the ear buds when necessary. Regardless of time frame, replace the ear bud if it becomes stiff, damaged or changes colors. Typical sizes for ear buds can include small , medium and large .

    What Is A Hearing Aid Dome And How Does It Work

    Starkey Hearing Aid Domes

    A hearing aid with a dome is an excellent choice for mild-to-moderate hearing loss. It is suitable for persons with high-frequency hearing loss. It is popular for its easier fitting. Usually, it fits relatively comfortably in the ear canal. In addition, it is open enough to allow in low frequencies.

    Youll use a hearing aid dome alongside a receiver-in-ear hearing aid. It fits in the ear canal, protecting the amplifier. Here, it will also hold the tube in place and create a seal. Youll also note that they come in different sizes and shapes. That means you can choose a design that provides you with enhanced comfort.

    There are three types of domes: open, closed, and power. An open dome allows in natural sound, meaning that you get sharper and high-quality sound. On the other hand, a closed dome offers better amplification of much lower frequency sounds. You could also consider the power dome, which assures you maximum sound amplification and minimal sound leakage.

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    What Are Hearing Aid Domes Made From

    The material of the domes is medical grade silicone. Which is specifically designed to not cause an allergic reaction, much less likely than for a custom earmold. But some patients can be allergic to the cleaning agent used to clean the dome. So check the ingredients of your cleaning fluid to ensure you are safe to use it.

    Should I Change Dome Sizes

    One of the biggest advantages of RIC hearing aids is their ability to adapt as your hearing changes. While it is very easy to change your own dome sizes and styles, the hearing aid programming is set for each dome type. Switching from an open to a closed dome without adjusting the hearing aid may not deliver the desired effect. Having the wrong dome on could cause many different sound quality issues. These could include thin and tiny sound, muffled sound, dull sound, or even slightly distorted sound. Consider speaking with your audiologist about your common listening environments and if different dome types would be beneficial. This will ensure that you are fully benefiting from the best combination of hearing aids and domes for the clearest sound quality.

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    Do Hearing Aids Need To Be Fitted

    Hearing aids need to be fitted to each individual, because everyones hearing loss and physiology are unique. Moreover, most types of hearing loss are progressive and everyones hearing gets worse with age, meaning your hearing will continue to decline over time. Consequently, your hearing aids will need regular adjustments.

    World Health Organization Hearing loss has many causes, and it affects all age groups, but you can often prevent it.

    Uncorrected hearing loss can lead to social isolation, anxiety, depression, cognitive decline, dementia, and more. Poorly fitted hearing aids might not stop these consequences, especially if you continue to have trouble understanding what people say. For that reason, its not only important to have a good initial fitting, but also regular checkups.

    While a poorly fitted hearing aid could theoretically damage your hearing further, its unlikely with proper fitting. Just keep in mind that hearing aids amplify external sounds and emphasizing the wrong frequencies or turning the volume up too much could cause noise-induced hearing loss.

    Which Hearing Aid Domes Do We Dispense

    Replacing Your Dome

    Our web store is home to a collection of hearing aid domes from reliable and reputable manufacturers. Our selection is vast and we are confident you can find the right domes in the right size that suit your hearing aids. Some branded domes are more applicable for their branded devices.

    Shop the following makes:

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    What Should I Do If My Ear Dome Comes Off In My Ear

    Should your dome come off in your ear, how deep in the ear it is will determine your course of action. It will need to be removed via your Audiologist, GP or the outpatients at the hospital. We suggest always going via your Audiologist due to them already having you on file with all your details. Aim for their next available appointment if possible.

    Can You Get Over

    Once the FDA passes legislation to permit over-the-counter hearing aids, youll most likely be able to buy affordable hearing aids online or at a drugstore. This will be a great solution for those whose health insurance doesnt cover hearing loss and who cant afford full-service hearing aids. OTC hearing aids will include a self-fitting option.

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    Hearing Aid Ear Buds And The Occlusion Effect

    It can be difficult to find hearing aid ear buds that can be worn comfortably due to our tendency to view our own voices as being too loud or booming. This is known as the occlusion effect and is more common in individuals with mild hearing loss at relatively low frequencies.

    The occlusion effect can be lessened by using open-fit hearing aids. Roughly 40% of BTE, or Behind-The-Ear, hearing aids are open-fit. Usually a BTE applies a custom-made ear mold, as well as a silicone dome or a foam tip.

    In reality it may take multiple fittings and returns before you find the hearing aid ear buds that are right for you. It is possible to take digital scans of the human ear in order to construct hearing aid technology with an accurate fit. Feel free to consult an audiologist for additional guidance on finding hearing aid ear buds that fit.

    What Size Domes Do I Have

    Hearing Aid Domes

    Audiologist has said that I have 8mm domes. I think I actually have 7mm domes. Two reasons:

  • The two pencil lines are 8mm in width its not really close. Theres a lot of empty space.

  • I cant actually find 8mm domes with that design. I can find Starkey 7mm Comfort Domes with that design. But the Starkey 8mm open-fit domes have a different design.

  • Thoughts?

    The open and closed comfort buds are available in 4 mm, 5 mm, 6 mm, 7 mm, 9 mm and 11 mm sizes.

    Do you know who makes these domes? Cuz this one looks kind of like a Phonak 7mm open dome, but it also looks like your dome is sitting farther to the RIGHT side in that pix .

    If you know the manufacturer, you can look up the sizes for their open domes and go from there. I dont see any Phonak open domes at 8mm, but perhaps that is not the manufacturer of your dome. Check this website out for more styles:

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