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How To Clean Kirkland Hearing Aids

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Accessories For Kirkland Hearing Aids

Costco Kirkland Signature 9.0 Hearing Aids Review

Most hearing aid wearers want to make the listening experience as convenient as possible for them. Kirklands upgraded hearing aids support multiple accessories to make your life simpler.

All Kirkland Signature hearing aid purchases come with a hard-shell charging case, a soft carrying case, and cleaning tools. These come completely free of charge.

Lets take a look at some of the accessories available with both KS9 and KS10 hearing aids.

Models Features Prices And Reviews

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Costcos hearing aid centers have been one of the biggest success stories in the hearing aid industry over the past decade. According to a 2017 report from Bernstein Research, sales at Costco hearing centers have grown at approximately 20% per year since 2011, with Costco expected to account for 19 percent of all units sold in the U.S. retail market by 2021.

In addition to offering the convenience of buying your hearing aids and having them serviced at a store you visit frequently, Costco uses its volume buying and distribution clout to offer lower prices for hearing aids than many private hearing aid practices. But remember, you have to join as a regular Costco Wholesale warehouse club member to buy and get service from its hearing aid centers. Memberships start at $60 per year.

And there are some trade-offs that come along with lower prices. Costco doesnt always carry the latest and greatest versions of name-brand hearing aids, because manufacturers usually provide them first to private audiology practices. And while the big box store generally gets decent grades for dependable service, its less likely youll have your hearing aids fitted by a doctor of audiology than by a state-licensed hearing aid dispenser with fewer years of schooling.

New Rechargeable Kirkland Signature 100 Hearing Aids

According to the company, the new Kirkland Signature 10.0 with Tcoil Premium Digital Rechargeable Hearing Instruments help you in various listening environments. They combine universal connectivity and automatic performance so you can engage in all of lifes moments.

Features of the new KS 10 are said to include:

  • Experience stereo-quality sound, just like wireless headphones
  • Connect easily to any Bluetooth®-compatible devices**
  • Stream direct media to your hearing instruments via the TV Connector**
  • Remote services now available
  • Tcoil compatible
  • **The Bluetooth® word mark is a registered trademark owned by Bluetooth SIG, Inc. Select TV models may require the purchase of an accessory.
  • Ease of Use

  • Access Bluetooth functions with a double tap of your hearing instrument or tap twice to answer the phone or start playing music**
  • Adjust volume, programs and options from your smartphone with the Easy Line Remote app
  • Move seamlessly from one environment to the next, no button pushing required
  • Smart technology automatically adjusts settings to your environment
  • Designed to optimize speech in difficult conditions
  • Designed for durability and protection against dust and water
  • IP68 indicates that the hearing aid is water resistant and dust tight. It survived continuous immersion in 1 meter of water for 60 minutes and 8 hours in a dust chamber as per the IEC60529 standard.
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    Hearing Aid Care And Maintenance

    So let’s get to the meat, how can you best take care of your aids, I will discuss each type of aid and each step that needs to be taken. If I miss anything, let me know. Likewise, if you have some good tips yourself, don’t hesitate to contact us. Before we move on here is some quick tips for hearing aid nirvana:

    Quick tip:

    Never use alcohol, solvents or cleaning agents on your hearing aids. Special care products for cleaning like hearing aid wipes and sprays are available and should be used.

    Connecting Hearing Aids To A Computer

    Costco Kirkland 9.0 Vs Phonak Marvel 90

    In order to enjoy the benefits of joining a group video chat with your friends or members of your family, the first step is to connect your Bluetooth hearing aids to your Windows 10 PC or Macintosh computers. Both operating systems have different methods for connecting devices, but the concept is similar for both.

    For a simple description of the steps:

  • Set up your hearing aids or FM system to be discovered. They will broadcast a signal to your computer.
  • Set up your computer to discover Bluetooth devices.
  • Your hearing aids or FM system should appear in your computers Bluetooth connectivity window.
  • Select your hearing aids or FM system and enjoy the sound!
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    Bluetooth Hearing Aid Benefits

    Hearing aids with Bluetooth can create a truly seamless experience with your other technology. Some benefits include:

    • Remote control of your hearing aid programs and settings
    • A personalized listening experience based on your environment
    • Ability to easily switch between multiple connected devices
    • Standard protocol means uniformity of functionality across devices
    • Ultimate discretionpeople wont know youre even wearing hearing aids!

    How To Clean Custom Hearing Aids

  • Wipe down your hearing aids with a cloth, tissue, or designated hearing aid wipes or disinfecting spray .
  • Locate the microphone and speaker ports of your hearing aids. Keep in mind that some hearing aids have two microphone ports. The speaker port is often covered with a white wax filter.
  • Use a brush over the microphone and speaker ports to remove any loose wax or debris.
  • Use a wax pick to clear out the microphone or speaker port. Do not stick anything longer into the microphone or speaker port, as it can damage the components. Replace the wax filter if needed.
  • Locate the vent of the hearing aid. This is an opening that allows air to go from one side of the hearing aid to the other. Use a vent cleaner to clear out the vent.
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    Costco Hearing Aids Kirkland Signature 10

    Costco Hearing Aids The newly released Kirkland hearing aids, the Kirkland signature 10, are packed with features at an incredible price. If youre looking for affordable, high tech hearing aids youll want to read this post. Coming up!

    to our YouTube channel for weekly videos!

    Hi, Im Dr. Derek audiologist, audio engineer, and musician with bringing you the best insight in todays latest hearing aids, headphones, and audio technology to improve your life. If you have concerns about your hearing, always consult with your local physician or audiologist.

    If youre interested in hearing aids, check out my free eBook HERE.

    Whats Different About The Kirkland Signature 9 Hearing Aids

    Costco Kirkland Signature 10 Detailed Hearing Aid Review | KS10 | KS 10.0T

    Because they are produced by well known hearing aid brands, there is always a lot of consumer confusion when it comes to the private labeled Costco Kirkland Signature hearing aids. Such questions include:

    • Does it have similar features to the manufacturers name brand counterpart ?
    • What types of features are left out of the Signature brand?
    • Are the new hearing aid rechargeable or does it require batteries?

    For an in depth look at what makes the of the Costco Kirkland Signature 9.0 hearing aid from Sonova different, check out the latest review video provided to HHTM by Dr. Cliff Olson:

    Clifford Olson is a Doctor of Audiology and Founder of Applied Hearing Solutions in Anthem, Arizona. He served as a Marine Corps Scout Sniper during his time in the military which introduced him to the profession of Audiology. He also posts informational videos on his YouTube Channel DrCliffAuD to educate consumers on hearing healthcare.

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    Brio 5 Product Training

    Below you will find a module covering the key components of the Brio Portfolio.

    Brio 5 Product Line

    This learning module will give you all of the information required to fit the product including: product features, connectivity options, accessories, and sound delivery.

    You will need to use your PhonakPro ID. Your ID is your first initial, last name, and costco . Your password is costco123.

    Length: approximately 20 minutes

    Using Your Bluetooth Hearing Aids

    Welcome to the wonderful world of Bluetooth hearing aids! If this is your first pair, youre in for a treat. If youve upgraded your old Bluetooth hearing aids to Audicus cutting-edge product, the Wave, get ready to experience everything Bluetooth has to offer in hearing technology.

    Weve put together a list of different ways you can use your Bluetooth hearing aids so you can maximize your hearing experience. Check it out below!

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    Kirkland Signature 80 Hearing Aid Specifications

    The latest in Kirklands line of hearing aids is the Kirkland Signature 8.0. While Kirkland has always been considered the value brand, this doesnt mean that its necessarily worse than other brands. In fact, the Kirkland brand has a high reputation and its line of hearing aids have successfully gained prominence in the last several years.

    Dont be fooled by the prices these are premium aids. Here are some of the specs that you should look out for:

    • IP 68 rating against dirt and moisture
    • Motion sensing

    While Connect Hearing has a lot to offer, Costco still manages to dominate the market with its customer service, convenience, and lower prices. The important thing is to remember that everyone is different and has needed an individual to them. This means that not every hearing aid is going to work for you, and likewise, if it worked for you, it might not work for someone else. In our comparison, we wanted to be fair to show how similar they can be.

    Page 4: Information And Description Of Symbols

    Kirkland Signature 7.0 Digital Hearing Aids
  • Page 49 Indicates the medical device manufacturer, as defined in EU Directive 93/42/EEC. This symbol indicates that it is important for the user to read and take into account the relevant information in these user guides. This symbol indicates that it is important for the user to pay attention to the relevant warning notices in these user guides.
  • Page 50 Important information for handling and product safety. During transportation keep dry. The Bluetooth word mark and logos are registered ® trademarks owned by Bluetooth SIG, Inc. and any use of such marks by the manufacturer is under license. Other trademarks and trade names are those of their respective owners.
  • Page 51 Operating The product is designed such that it functions without conditions problems or restrictions if used as intended, unless otherwise noted in these user guides. The hearing aids are classified IP68 and designed to be used in all daily life situations. Therefore you do not have to worry about getting the hearing aids exposed to a rain shower or sweat.
  • Page 52 Indicates the manufacturers catalogue number so that the medical device can be identified. Temperature during transportation and storage: 20° to +60° Celsius . Humidity during transportation: Up to 90% . Humidity during storage: 0% to 70%, if not in use. See instruction in chapter 18.2 regarding drying the hearing aid after use.
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    Cleaning Of Hearing Aids And Cleaning Tools

    You should clean your hearing aid every day, every manufacturer supplies a cleaning kit with their hearing aids. It will usually include a wax brush, a wax pick and a cloth. These tools are designed to help you care for your aids and using them properly will help to keep your aids going.

    Hearing aid manufacturers have also designed filters to protect receivers in the case of RIC and ITE hearing aids. You will also get at least one pack of these with your hearing aids. Use Them, the proper use of wax filters will protect your receiver and keep it going longer.

    Quick Tip:

    Earwax & moisture kills hearing aids, wax guards are there for a reason, use them!

    The biggest cause of failure is wax and moisture getting into the receivers or the microphones of hearing aids. If you change your wax guards when they need to be changed you can avoid much of this problem.

    When do wax guards need to be changed?

    I am sorry, but the honest answer is how long is a piece of string? Each person is different, I have seen Patients who only needed to replace their wax guards once every six months, I have seen other Patients that needed to change them every month. It depends on wax production in the ear canal. Generally as a rule of thumb, if your wax guard is full of wax that doesn’t fall out when brushed, it is time to replace it. If you don’t, that wax will eventually make it into the sound tube and then the receiver.

    Whats So Good About The Kirkland 80 Hearing Aid

    The product comes with many standout features that make it appealing and extremely useful. To begin with, multi-channel processing means that you get better digital sound processing. Effectively, this means that the sounds will be crystal clear and more importantly, frequencies are amplified as per the typical requirements.

    Finer channel resolution helps the digital hearing aid to determine and process the input levels across the channels. Lets put it this way, a hearing aid will not restore your hearing, it only amplifies the sounds. Therefore, you need a hearing aid that amplifies sounds that you are having trouble hearing. With a multi-channel hearing aid, you get better sound levels.

    This is the digital era where most if not all devices have Bluetooth connectivity. Rather than having to amplify the sounds from the speaker output of the devices, it makes more sense to directly connect over Bluetooth and get better output. The Kirkland 8.0 is made for iPhone, which effectively means that you can directly get calls and stream music audio in the hearing aid.

    The rocker switch on the Kirkland 8.0 helps you to change volume easily and also get to know when the volume is at the default levels through optional signal tones. Every time you turn on the hearing aid, the previously used volume and profile are re automatically set, eliminating the need for you to choose it every time you turn on the hearing aid.

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    How To Clean Your Hearing Aid

    The parts of the hearing aid that are the most crucial to clean are the microphone, which takes in the sound, and the receiver, which emits the sound into your ear .

    Since sound enters and leaves through these parts of the hearing aid, any kind of clog or obstruction is obviously going to hamper your listening experience, which is why youll want to make sure theyre especially clean. With that said, lets get into the specifics.

    Page 5: Important Safety Information

    Costco Hearing Aids – NEW Kirkland Hearing Aids (Kirkland Signature 10.0)
  • Page 59 The hearing aid is suitable for the home healthcare environment and due to their portability it may happen that it is used in professional healthcare facility environment like physician offices, dental offices, etc.
  • Page 60 18.1 Hazard warnings Your hearing aids operate between 2.4 GHz and 2.48 GHz frequency range. When flying please check if flight operator requires devices to be switched into flight mode, see chapter 11. The intended use of hearing aids is to amplify and transmit sound to the ears and hereby compensate for impaired hearing.
  • Page 61 Changes or modifications to the hearing aid that were not explicitly approved by the manufacturer are not permitted. Such changes may damage your ear or the hearing aid. Do not use the hearing aids in explosive areas .
  • Page 62 If you feel pain in or behind your ear, if it is inflamed or if skin irritation and accelerated accumulations of earwax occur, please check with your hearing care professional or physician. In very rare cases, the dome can remain in your ear canal when removing the hearing tube from the ear.
  • Page 63 Hearing programs in the directional microphone mode reduce background noises. Please be aware that warning signals or noises coming from behind, e.g., cars, are partially or entirely suppressed. This hearing aid is not for children under 3 years old. The usage of this device by children and individuals with cognitive impairment should be supervised at all times to ensure their safety.
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    Whats New In Kirkland Signature 80 Hearing Aids Besides Lower Price

    According to the company, the KS 8.0 includes the following features:

    • Receiver In Canal available with 312 or 13 battery
    • 48 channels, 20 gain handles, and 6 programs
    • Optional model with telecoil
    • IP 68 rated against dirt and moisture

    Click here for a review of hearing aids currently available at Costco. If youre curious how the latest Kirkland KS 8.0 hearing aids stack up against their name brand counterpart, check out this video from Dr. Cliff Olson:

    For detailed specifications of the KS 8, interested readers can also refer to the datasheet and materials published at Hearing Tracker.

    Questions To Ask When You Shop For Costco Hearing Aids

    Buying hearing aids can be very confusing, especially if youve never worn them before. There will be plenty of options to consider, even after youve chosen a brand and general feature set that youre comfortable with. Your overall costs will vary depending on which models, features, and accessories you buy. Here are a few things to ask about at Costco:

    Whats the net when considering Costco for your hearing aids? Even with costs for extras, you can expect to pay less than at a private audiology practice. You can also expect to get ongoing service and support from licensed hearing aid professionals. And you can expect a good selection of high-performance products with plenty of accessories and connectivity options. But if youre in the market for the latest and greatest premium models from the top hearing aid brands, or if you want personal attention from a doctor of audiology, you might want to also visit a private audiology practice to compare.

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